Yoga Narada®

     When I was doing my research to use a different name for the yoga to make it more approachable and less intimidating for the opera singers and conductors I was working with, Narada, Vedic sage, struck a chord with me not only because of his musical talents (an important part of my life and training), but also because of his mischievous humour.  Humour is a huge part of how I approach both my work and life!
     At this same time, Hilary was also looking to change the name of the yoga completely.  When I presented the information to her, she immediately fell in love with the idea.  We both agreed that Narada's belief -- wisdom and enlightenment can be gained with clarity and grace, through music, dance and movement -- was just what the work we teach is all about!

Yoga Narada®, formerly known as Hilary Cartwright’s Yoga for Dancers, (HCYFD) although still maintaining many of the principles found in Yoga for Dancers, seeks to show how it can easily embrace and support people from all walks of life. 

Yoga is a coming together of body, mind and spirit.  Too often though, the mind gets in the way of the spirit, and the body becomes confused, stiff and unresponsive.  This class offers each student the chance to relax a little from the pressures of an imposed technique. 

Applying multiple Hatha and Kudalini yoga principles, working from the inside out, it moves from a sensory awakening of the physical body to progress through specific breath-work, which activate and stimulate the nervous system.

Flowing naturally into breath-inspired movements, the body deepens and expands in an organized progression of seated, lying and standing sequences. The focus is on inspired  imagery and rhythmical structure, distracting the mind from a false intensity.

Yoga Narada® provides a way to achieve flexibility in the body, while maintaining a coordinated control to pass smoothly from one shape to another. By allowing the mind to relax, rhythm and breath take over.  At the same time, the class addresses elements of technique that apply directly to ballet placement, line, and control which are suitable for everyone.  


Unlike a traditional Hatha yoga class, positions are not held but repeated in a fluid undulation that gently unravels the knots both mental and physical, giving the body a sense of comfort in its movement. Each day is taken for its own individual merits, so no two classes are identical. There is always a common thread, but, as in nature, there are many paths to the same end.


Concluding with a guided meditation, or stimulating transition,  each person is brought back to the reality of their external surroundings and their own individual, yet connected space.

with Hilary on one of our many trips to Tuscany

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