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GYROTONIC® Masterclass:
Hip Applications for Dancers

April 28 and May 6, 2024
(May 12 and 19 - TBD)

Summer 2024 will mark my 18th year on the faculty at American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive, and I see a great deal of hip, lower back, and leg issues during the season.  Because many Gyrotonic trainers work with student dancers, company dancers, or are still dancing themselves, this class will examine the exercises for Pre and Post-op Hip Surgery and also more advanced progressions but from a different, preventative and restorative point of view.  I will also talk about common stretches that dancers like to do that are actually terrible for their hips and lower back and highlight the exercises from the series that are instead much better for working their turnout muscles, alleviating hip pain, and looking at the relationship of the lower back, hip, and leg placement as it relates to a dancer -- particularly for young dancers. 

Class Sign-Up FAQ:​​

  • There are no pre-requisites for attending class/receiving a recording of class other than you must have access to a machine.

  • The Zoom link for class will be sent to everyone on the Saturday night before class. 

  • The recording of the class will be sent to everyone Sunday afternoon after class 

  • The recording will be available for 7 days from class, not from date of purchase.

  • Everyone will receive both the Zoom Link before class and the recording link after class.

  • All credits cards are accepted, and all sales are final.

  • Please email if you have any issues with the purchase link, and an invoice can be emailed to you.

  • Occasionally, a fake Zoom link is generated immediately after your credit card is processed.  This is NOT the accurate link for class.  Please email if you are unsure or received a false link.

GYROTONIC is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and used with their permission.

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