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Yoga Narada®

Developed by Hilary CartwrightYoga Narada® creates mobility and flexibility in the body while refining coordination, strength and the control to pass freely from one movement to the next.  Shapes and positions are not held in static poses, preventing a stiff or distorted idea of balance.  Instead, exercises move fluidly from one to the next with the coordination of the breath for a greater sense of vigor and power but with ease and finesse.  Although initially a highly specialized form of yoga for dancers, the principles of alignment found in Yoga Narada® make it a practice not only appropriate but also highly accessible for anyone!

     When I was doing my research to use a different name for the Yoga for Dancers to make it more approachable and less intimidating for the opera singers and conductors that I was working with in Italy, Narada, Vedic sage, struck a chord with me not only because of his musical talents (an important part of my life and training), but also because of his mischievous humor -- a huge part of how I approach both my work and life as well!

     At this same time, Hilary was also looking to change the name of the yoga completely.  When I presented the information to her, she immediately fell in love with the idea.  We both agreed that Narada's beliefs were just what the work we teach is all about: through music and movement, one can open the doors to wisdom and enlightenment with clarity and grace. His foremost teaching was to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
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