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GYROTONIC and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM are registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and used with their permission.  


Many exercise systems can give the body a sense of strength like that of an oak tree -- strong but compressed and compacted.  When a strong enough wind comes along, that oak will be blown over.  A GYROTONIC® body resembles that of a willow tree -- deep roots, supple trunk, and strong but fluid limbs.  In that same wind that blew over the great and mighty oak, the willow tree merely blows freely and is left standing.  Therein lies the strength of the spiral!

Embracing principles found in yoga, tai chi, swimming, gymnastics, and dance, Juliu Horvath's 

GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® increases flexibility and strength throughout all the muscles and joints.  The lengthening and stimulation of the spine through circular and spiraling exercises and specific breath work help to alleviate stiffness and tension throughout the body while developing and maintaining strength and fluidity, stimulating nerve lines and meridians, and bringing to life the body's natural energies.  Exercises can be made vigorous for athletes or gentle and reparative for the injured or the elderly.

The true beauty of the system is that every exercise can be adapted and used by everyone!

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