Please email to inquire about hosting at your studio.
The "fun" can range from 1 to 5 days in length.

As teachers, our daily focus is on the client and the service we provide to them.  At times our bodies and personal practice have to take a “backseat” in order to deliver our best level of client care.  When we can, we as teachers need to get back to our own work but with less focus on the work and more emphasis on the fun -- a FunShop!  


This class will present a variety of exercises that I have come across through the years:  some that need a further look (how many times have you left a course with a plethora of new knowledge and exercises, only to stop and ask “ what?!”), some older exercises that resurface from time to time, and others, a variation on the normal theme.  


At the same time, we can address some “how’s and why’s” that come up in everyday teaching, examine questions about certain exercises, and also how to deal with specific issues or injuries that clients or we ourselves have and how they can be worked around or through (ranging from nonsurgical injuries and issues to pre and post operative conditions.)  


This class is not an authorized license update or teacher training course.  It’s merely a time for teachers to answer questions, breathe new life into their repertoire, and hopefully have some FUN!

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