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As teachers, our daily focus is on the clients and the services we provide to them.  At times our bodies and personal practice have to take a “backseat.”  


The idea for this class evolved from teachers asking me about old material that they knew I knew, anatomy and specific injury rehab questions I'd get, and others just needing to feel inspired in their own practice.  I decided that when we can, teachers need to get back to our own work but with less focus on work and more emphasis on fun -- hence me naming this not a course but a FunShop!  

FunShop hosted by Chelsea Movements

New York, 2015

The FunShop present a variety of exercises that I have come across through the years:  some very old and others a variation on the normal themes.  While we're having fun, we can also address the “how’s and why’s” that come up in everyday teaching, the moments after the elation of a new course (with all new material) wears off and then comes the "ok, now what?!" moment, delve deeper into anatomy and biomechanics, and also approach how to deal with specific issues or injuries and how they can be worked around or through (ranging from nonsurgical injuries and issues to pre and post operative conditions.)  

 This class is not an authorized GYROTONIC® license update or teacher training course.  It’s merely a time for teachers to ask questions, breathe new life into their repertoire, and hopefully have some FUN in a group setting!

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